Mariah Johnson 

Mariah was born and raised in Grand Blanc, Michigan and fell in love with the possibilities of the process of creating during her childhood. Surrounded by the endless entrepreneurship and artistry her mother and aunts had, she was always challenged to think critically when rendering her creative process. Her mother and aunts learned to sew as young girls and as a result, most of them are creative business owners. Mariah grew up surrounded by artistic talent, often aiding her mother in threading a needle or two or offering design ideas for her mother’s event planning business. Her natural talent for artistry was nurtured slowly during her youth as she regularly enrolled in art classes. She has been involved in many forms of art such as dancing, singing, painting, drawing, mixed media, and jewelry making. From the moment she realized the essence that transpires while she paints, she devoted countless hours to refining her craft.


At the age of 19 Mariah created Everything Artsy Co. in September of 2017. Since then she has maintained a website, online presence on multiple social media platforms, participated in multiple fairs and exhibitions, been featured in British Vogue, completed multiple commissioned pieces, and painted hundreds of original pieces of art. All while going to school full time and working part-time, she maintained her artistic abilities.  Mariah now resides in Dallas, Texas where she is obtaining her Bachelor of Marketing with a minor in painting and drawing at the University of North Texas. Upon graduating she plans to continue on her path of artistry by traveling the world. While traveling she plans to document her adventures and use the methods practiced in other regions of the world to fine-tune her artistic style. Mariah works mainly in acrylic and resin, and on occasion oil paint. While she draws inspiration from the ever-changing world around her, she grew up fascinated with the effortless beauty of a budding flower. Each year as Spring comes, she is reminded of the beauty of new beginnings and how unforgettable vivid flower blossoms are. In a way, she feels connected to flowers. We both grow, age, and eventually, when our time is finished we move on. That makes our lives special because we have a limited time to make our lives matter. Like a flower, its purpose from bloom to wilt is to provide us with one of a kind beauty and happiness.  Mariah’s goal and purpose as an artist is to do just that!