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Welcome To My Creative Space

I work from a private studio with warm cedar wood paletted walls. Taking the time to take a seat in my mint green metal chair while breathing slow deep breaths of the last burnt candle fills my heart with joy! I get lost in the sway of the breeze, the warmth of the sun on my skin, the delicate nature of flowers and the organic beauty of nature. I’m beyond grateful to have a space where I can be lost in the creative flow. 


I paint whenever I get the desire to pain , which for me is everyday. Days that are not spent painting are usually filled with many different activities. I work when I feel like I have the energy and desire, which usually means I start at 9pm and stop at 2am. As irregular as that sounds, that is my most creative time. Unless I have a whole free day to frolic around in my studio. Those days consist of loud music, scented candles and bright lights. 




You will usually find me with a coffee mug filled with ice cold Dr. Pepper, wearing some type of paint covered outfit, painting (and dancing) to my many Itunes playlists. I have found music and candles really transcend the room and takes me to my creative oasis. Creating art pieces truly washes away the dust of everyday life, leaving me in an unobstructed expressive headspace free of distractions to focus on my work. 



When you think of art studios your first thought is probably paint splatters on the walls, tubes and tubes of paint, and no clear space to work. In other words messy beyond belief. My studio falls into that category, but it is also very organized. I try to keep everything organized while working. However, when creativity is in the air I find myself working on multiple projects at once, which means paint and brushes everywhere. My studio is small, but I often take over space outside of my studio so I can branch out and truly be free. When I work on multiple things often get messy fast! Which then means an overhaul of organizing and cleaning, wiping the slate clean and starting fresh!



Take a journey and experience my studio in the video below….

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